North Park Neighborhood Evacuated Due to Gas Leak

The line was accidentally broken

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    A large gas leak at the corner of University and Lincoln prompted the San Diego Fire Department to evacuate more than 100 residents early Tuesday morning.

    A construction crew accidentally broke a 1.5" pipeline, while repairing an alley way damaged by a water main break, according to a fire department dispatcher.

    Residents Evacuated After a Gas Leak in North Park

    [DGO] Residents Evacuated After a Gas Leak in North Park
    Construction workers working in a North Park neighborhood accidentally hit a gas pipe causing it to burst. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010)

    Firefighters evacuated 87 units because of gas lingering in the area.

    "Our concern was at the time during the initial leak we didn't get much wind, the gas was pooling, so our concern was that if it found an ignition source," Said San Diego Fire battalion chief Grace Yamane. "That's a concern for us, so we did have our hose lines out to address that in advance."

    The gas line was not marked according to the fire department.

    The county's Hazardous Materials Team was called in to help monitor the size of the leak.