New Sketch Of Serial Groper Suspect

Police hold community forum held for concerned residents.

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    A new composite sketch of a man police say has been terrorizing women and girls in Chula Vista since September was released during a community forum Thursday night. 

    He's the same man seen in a previous sketch who investigators have linked to the attacks of least 14 victims.  "It's disgusting and I feel very sorry for the ones that have been assaulted by him,"said Chula Vista resident Vanessa Ringgold.

    In almost every case the suspect attacked the victims by grabbing at them and then running. "We do have one instance where he actually bit the victim and then ran,"said Lt. Phil Collum.

    Investigators are desperately trying to catch the suspect, and that's why they held the community forum at Chula Vista High School.  They believe his crimes could escalate from groping to something even worse.

    Serial Groper Sought, Attacks Happen in Broad Daylight

    [DGO] Serial Groper Sought, Attacks Happen in Broad Daylight
    Chula Vista police release a new composite sketch of a man suspected of groping at least 14 women and girls in Chula Vista.

    "I hope that he knows we're on the lookout for him because if he knows that then hopefully he won't keep continuing these acts,"said Collum. 

    All of the attacks happened in broad daylight along the Broadway-Fourth Avenue corridor.  The victims range in age from 15 to 40.

    Investigators say the groper could be playing some kind of sick game.

    During the meeting, officers answered questions about the investigation, and also gave out safety tips.  But some say they won't feel safe again, until he's caught.

    "Perhaps he'll just cross the wrong path and with someone who will really take him down but this needs to come to an end it's exhausting,"said Ringgold.