Mysterious Lights Prompt 911 Calls in Oceanside

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    The mysterious lights which appeared above Camp Pendleton Monday prompted dozens of calls to local police.

    Oceanside Police dispatchers took in about 50 calls from concerned citizens who saw the lights generated from military exercises on the U.S. Marine Corps base along the coast between San Diego and Los Angeles.

    Most of the callers used the department's non-emergency line, but several called 911.

    NBC 7's newsroom received dozens of calls reporting the sighting from Del Mar to Vista.

    Mysterious Lights Prompt 911 Calls in Oceanside

    [DGO] Mysterious Lights Prompt 911 Calls in Oceanside
    NBC 7's Steven Luke reports from Camp Pendleton about the rash of calls to Oceanside police that were sparked by lights in the sky over the military base. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014)

    The lights are flares from night-training according to Marines at Camp Pendleton. 

    The Marines sent out a warning last week telling neighbors to expect increased noise, thanks to howitzer and mortar firing, but the release did not mention UFO-like flashes.

    The exercises could last through Sunday.

    “I wouldn’t discourage anyone not to call, but just take into consideration if they see strange lights or feel the ground shaking it may be military exercises going on at Camp Pendleton,” said Oceanside Police Lt. George Darrah.