Man Mourns Wife Killed in Rain-Related Crash

Gloria O'Connor was driving near Telegraph Canyon Road on I-805 when her car lost control and slid under a semi-truck.

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    Two hours after a deadly accident on Interstate 805 Tuesday, a county worker delivered the tragic news to South Bay resident Charles O’Connor.

    His wife Gloria O'Connor, 42, was killed when her car careened out of control on the rain-slicked roads.

    Husband Mourns I-805 Crash Victim

    [DGO] Husband Mourns I-805 Crash Victim
    Gloria O'Connor, 42, died in a rain-related crash on I-805 Tuesday. Her husband said the couple had just closed escrow on a new home hours before the accident. Nicole Gonzales reports. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011)

    O’Connor spoke about his wife in his Chula Vista home Tuesday night – a woman he said was supportive and giving to friends and family.

    “I don’t know what to do,” he sighed.

    The O’Connor’s had pancakes and coffee together Tuesday morning before Gloria left for her job as a real estate agent.

    The couple, married three years ago on Dec. 4, learned they had been approved to purchase a new home that morning.

    Gloria left a little early to squeeze in a stop at the bank before work when Charles warned his wife to drive carefully on the wet roads.

    A few minutes later, his wife was driving near Telegraph Canyon Road on I-805 when her car lost control and slid under a semi-truck.

    "It appears that the Mazda went out of control and hit the front of the truck and then bounced off of that and continued to spin and then ended up wedging underneath the trailer,” said Officer Art Athens. 

    It was around 6 p.m. when Charles spoke to NBCSanDiego about his wife. Every day around that time, Gloria would call him to tell him she was on her way home.

    Charles said he would open the garage door and wait for her.

    “I just can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

    “Why good people like that have to go, I don’t know.”

    A Philippine native, Gloria Elizabeth O'Connor moved to the U.S. just four years ago. She was known as Beth O'Connor to some.

    She has some sisters and aunts here in San Diego but her father and brothers are still living in the Philippines according to Charles.

    They are hoping to travel to San Diego in time for funeral services.

    California Highway Patrol investigators said the crash was likely caused by rain and speed.