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Local Firefighters Head to Raging Hay Fires



    Cal Fire

    San Diego County Fire Authority has sent five engines to assist in a 15-ton haystack fire in Imperial County.

    Three people are in custody for allegedly sparking two separate haystack fires and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, according to published reports.

    The first fire was sparked Wednesday in El Centro near Austin and Aten Roads, the website reported. The second (pictured above) broke out in Seeley.

    Darryl Elmore Junior, 29, Martin Arthur Archuleta, 28, and Luis Alberto Vasquez, 25, are facing arson charges, according to KYMA.

    The suspects were reportedly arrested after trying to flee one of the fires and losing control of their vehicle. They then crashed into a ditch.

    Bail is set at $50,000 for each suspect.