Man Dies After Belly Flop Off Floating Bar

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    Officials said two men jumped off the Bahia Belle ferry together, and then a third man followed.

    Lifeguard divers have recovered the body of a man who jumped off a bay cruise late Saturday night. They found the body of the 28-year old Wind and Sea man after an intense search on Sunday involving multiple lifeguard agencies.
    At 11:40 p.m. Saturday night, the man and two friends jumped off the Bahia Belle, a ferry boat that tours Mission Bay from the Bahia Resort. Officials said two men jumped off together and then a third. "We were told that he did a flip into the water and landed in a belly flop fashion," said San Diego Lifeguard Lieutenant Nick Lerma. Lerma said the three had been drinking and were intoxicated.

    Officials said there was confusion over who returned to shore that night. "At first we heard conflicting reports that he had made it to shore but a day later, he hasn't shown up, pretty much indicates that something happened," said San Diego Lifeguard Lieutenant Andy Lerum. 
    Lifeguards initially began searching for the man with snorkels and masks. Eventually, dive teams from 11 different lifeguard agencies participated in the search, including Encinitas, Del Mar and State Parks. 
    The man's body was found in the channel near Bahia Point.Officials have not released the identity of the man. Officials at the Bahia Resort were not available for comment.