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Lemon Grove Lips: About San Diego

The lips were painted on the side of a rock at the end of Lemon Grove Avenue



    You know you’re in Lemon Grove when you see the big lemon.

    The landmark, placed right along the trolley tracks, is the centerpiece of the city.

    Lemon Grove Lips

    [DGO] Lemon Grove Lips
    Ken Kramer introduces us to a little known landmark in Lemon Grove. It's a story "About San Diego." (Published Sunday, March 4, 2012)

    But did you know there was another landmark in Lemon Grove?

    It may not be as famous but it’s been seen by countless people over the years.

    Have you ever seen the Lemon Grove Lips?

    The lips were painted on the side of a rock at the end of Lemon Grove Avenue where drivers turn onto the westbound State Route 94.

    The story is, that in 1977, a teenager named Steven Garcia took brush in hand and painted the indentations in a boulder.

    Over the years, Lemon Grovers have grown kind of fond of their lips.

    In fact, even though they are technically a few feet into La Mesa, Lemon Grove maintains the lips as a piece of public art.

    They paint them a color called "curb red."

    City workers did routine checks to make sure the painted on lipstick wasn’t marred by graffiti.

    It's a very public kiss goodbye to anyone who moves onto SR94 from Lemon Grove.

    It’s just one of the many things you may have seen and wondered About San Diego.

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