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Details Emerge From Crooked Cop's Probation Report

Anthony Arevalos says he is aware how much he hurt his victims

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    Friday was the last chance for former San Diego police officer, Anthony Arevalos, to stay out of prison.

    According a probation report obtained by NBC 7, Arevalos is well aware of how much he has hurt his victims and his own family.

    Arevalos said his wife has forgiven him, but she and their two kids still moved out of state.

    What's more, Arevalos also said his teenage daughter is old enough to understand what is happening, and she is devastated.

    Inside the document, Arevalos goes on to mention his son, someone he refers to as his twin. The nine year old boy was said to describe his father as his world.

    In the report, Arevalos says high stress is partly to blame for the crimes he committed and he isn't just dealing with health issues. In 2007, he lost his home and filed for bankruptcy.

    According to legal experts, things are about to get worse for Arevalos.

     "The California state prison is everything they show on TV but worse," said San Diego Attorney Marc Carlos.

    Carlos says Arevalos will be segregated from the general population because he will be targeted by violent inmates.