Lakeside Killer Smiled During Sentencing

Stanley Lloyd Jr. was sentenced to 21 years in prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter

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    The man convicted in the death of a 17-year-old Lakeside boy was sentenced to 21 years in prison Friday, stirring an emotional response from the victim's family members as he departed the courtroom.

    Stanley Lloyd Jr. pleaded guilty to the voluntary manslaughter of his childhood friend Chirs Carioscia in 2010.

    Lakeside Killer Smiled During Sentencing

    [DGO] Lakeside Killer Smiled During Sentencing
    The man convicted in the death of a Lakeside teen was sentenced to twenty one years in prison Friday (Published Friday, June 29, 2012)

    Deputies say Carioscia was shot multiple times in his back on the Barona Indian Reservation, where he was left for two months before this body was found.

    Lloyd is a member of the reservation and lives there with his family.

    His appearance in court Friday was a shift from when he appeared last year for his preliminary hearing, in which he was shaking and crying uncontrollably.

    As he was leaving the courtroom Friday, he was smiling, inaudibly laughing, and held up a peace sign.

    Outside the courthouse Friday, Carioscia's mother, Monica Pyskata, was visibly shaken and angered by Lloyd's gestures.

    "I hope someday [Llyod's] mom knows how I feel," Pyskata said. "I hope someday she's in my situation, and then I'll laugh at her."

     Pyskata admitted that her son possessed drugs at the time of his death, and had gotten involved in drugs, but that he wasn't caught up in any drug deals.

    "Yeah he had about 60 pills on him," Pyskata said. "So if he killed him over 60 pills, that's pretty pathetic. That's not worth human life. That's not worth taking my son's life."

    Outside the courthouse, Pyskata said she would never forgive Lloyd.

    "I will never forgive you," she read aloud in a letter to Lloyd. "You took my baby away from me. I will never see him graduate. I will never see him get married. I will never see his kids [that he would have had]."

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