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Driver Accused of Hitting Teens Appears in Court



    Ronald Troyer

    A transient accused of driving his car onto a sidewalk in La Jolla, seriously injuring three teenagers, will stand trial.

    A judge ruled on Thursday that there was enough evidence to try Ronald Troyer, who claims his car was stolen and that he wasn't driving when the crash occurred.

    Crash Victim's Father Describes Injuries

    [DGO] Crash Victim's Father Describes Injuries
    Santiago Aguerre recounts what his daughter went through after getting hit by an out-of-control car on La Jolla Boulevard Sunday. Alani, 14, was walking with her friends when a man drove into a Bird Rock restaurant, hitting her and injuring two other teenagers. Witnesses saw 66-year old Ronald Troyer behind the wheel.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010)

    On Aug. 15, the car plowed through the teens and crashed into Cass Street Bakery and Café on the 5500 block of La Jolla Boulevard, injuring two adults. 

    At the preliminary hearing on Thursday, a detective testified that the 66-year old Troyer told him he blacked out. The officer also testified that a passenger in the vehicle told him Troyer had a look he'd never seen before.

    Cass St. Bakery and Cafe Crash: Raw Video

    [DGO] Cass St. Bakery and Cafe Crash: Raw Video
    Cass St. Bakery and Cafe Crash: Raw Video
    (Published Monday, Aug. 16, 2010)

    "He stated at that point, Troyer .... looked at him and [he] noticed there was a look in his eyes of anger, and he said he called it -- his words -- of an inner anger he's never seen," Detective John Letteri said. "He said at that point, Mr. Troyer -- or he called him Ron -- basically floored the gas pedal."

    Letteri also testified that Troyer told him he had not been drinking that day but had smoked marijuana.

    After the crash, Michael Brininstool described his son's injuries to a reporter for the La Jolla Light.

    "Ian received a broken leg, a concussion, bruised kidney and a scraped-up back when he hit the pavement," Brininstool told the paper.

    A second teen had three operations for broken bones. The third teen, who was struck by the car and carried into the cafe, suffered the worst injuries. According to her father, she had a broken arm and severe injuries to her pelvis.
    Trial is set for December. Troyer faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted.