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Shooting Victim's Mom Raised Reward Money



    Debbie Steingraber didn't think a $2,000 reward was enough incentive for people to come forward with information that would bring her family peace of mind.

    So, for several months she and her husband Bruce held rummage sales and fundraisers to get another $8,000 to add to the reward fund.

    Mother Seeks Justice in Son's Killing

    [DGO] Mother Seeks Justice in Son's Killing
    Debbie Steingraber says her 26 year old son Daniel Alexander should have lived to be an old man. Daniel's life ended on July 4th 2009 during a visit at his girlfriend's home on Vine Street in Escondido.
    (Published Tuesday, March 15, 2011)

    The money will go to anyone who gives police information about the whereabouts of Frederico Ramos.

    He's the man accused of shooting and killing Debbie's 26-year old son Daniel Alexander.

    "It still feels like it's just a bad nightmare I keep wanting to wake up from, but I can't you know," Steingraber said in an exclusive interview with NBCSanDiego.

    Daniel's life ended on July 4, 2009 during a visit at his girlfriend's home on Vine Street in Escondido where there was a big party at the home across the driveway.

    Investigators say when Daniel walked across the driveway to get to his girlfriend's home, Ramos, 31, confronted him.

    "Mr. Ramos basically has words with Daniel and says hold on a minute I'll be right back, he comes back and shoots Daniel point blank,"said Lt. Craig Carter.

    Daniel was pronounced dead at the scene.  Coincidentally, there were two officers on the street who had been called out to the party house because of noise.

    The officers heard the shots but Ramos disappeared into the crowd and witnesses didn't point him out.

    Ramos has been on the run since the shooting and investigators believe he is hiding out in Tijuana with family and friends.

    "We're very confident that the family knows where he's at, got to assume that they've been in contact with him, even visiting him," Lt. Carter said.

    Daniel's parents are hoping Ramos' parents will do the right thing and turn him in.

    "It makes me very angry, it was just a cold blooded murder, there was no reason for it," Steingraber said.

    Ramos goes by the nickname "Abu."  If anyone has information about him, call Escondido Police or Crimestoppers.