Hot Weather, High Fire Danger

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    Two words that go hand in hand with fall: Fire season. It's officially upon us.

    This weekend is expected to be hot and with the hot weather comes extra fire crews. Some areas may see triple digit temperatures in the next few days and Cal Fire says firefighters are prepared for a busy weekend.

    Fire Danger

    [DGO] Fire Danger
    Emergency crews are prepared for high fire danger through Monday.

    The heat wave and warning of high fire danger this weekend have residents like Debbie Minich on alert. She was on vacation in October 2007 when the raging firestorm devoured her home.

    “Our house burned Tuesday so we lost everything,” Minich said.

    Fire Season is Officially Upon Us

    [DGO] Fire Season is Officially Upon Us
    Emergency crews are prepared for high fire danger through Monday.

    Every year when the Santa Ana's pick up, she stays put.

    “We will not leave to go on vacation or we make sure we are home,” Minich said.

    With higher temperatures and stronger winds this weekend, Cal Fire isn’t taking any chances either. They're boosting staff and putting extra equipment on stand-by.

    “Right now the predictions for the end of September, mid October, late October is strong Santa Ana conditions,” said Cal Fire Capt. Mike Mohler.

    Firefighters are reminding San Diegans to take precautions.

    “Don’t be complacent. Have that defensible space, have an evacuation plan. You might not see a fire now but it could be on top of you tomorrow,” Capt. Mohler said.

    Cal Fire is also reminding residents to stay hydrated this weekend. Drink plenty of water and wear light clothing.