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Gas Prices Steal Tourism Dollars



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    With gas prices rising around the country, tourists are looking for ways to hold onto their money.  Which could put a dent in San Diego’s pocket.

    When Paul and Terry Johnson decided to take a vacation in San Diego from their home in Lincoln, Nebraska, they were surprised how much they would be spending for gas.

    Gas Prices Steal Tourism Dollars

    [DGO] Gas Prices Steal Tourism Dollars
    Which could put a dent in San Diegos pocket.
    (Published Thursday, March 24, 2011)

    "It might make us think twice about the extra trips," said Terry Johnson who says they may stay closer to home for their next trip. 

    "We might be more likely to rent a Prius," said her husband Paul.

    Rachel Cobb, San Diego Botanic Garden

    Mary Mouton from Denver decided to pass on a rental car.

    "We've been taking the bus," said Mouton.

    For a city like San Diego that relies on tourist dollars, this could be a tough summer. 

    "You know discretionary dollars get put more toward necessities," said Joe Terzi with the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau. "So we are very concerned."

    The San Diego Visitors Bureau is spending nearly $7 million in advertising to attract tourists.  Most of the money is going to ads in the west, as far as Salt Lake City and Denver.  But the ConVis President says San Diego has one advantage over most cities, 10 million people with a few hours drive. 

    Many summer visitors come from Southern California and Arizona.

    "We really want that customer that is going to come for more than just a weekend," said Terzi. "We want that customer that is going to come and spend a week in San Diego."

    Annette Foster is spending money in San Diego but because of higher gas prices, she isn't sure when she'll be back.

    "I'm sure we'll probably travel, maybe not as often as we would have otherwise," said Foster.