Helping Homeless a Topic Close to Heart for These Vets

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    It's estimated that there are nearly 2,000 homeless people in the city of San Diego.

    Workers are busy erecting a city-owned tent at Island Avenue and 16th Street that will house the city's homeless.

    Vets from Veterans Village of San Diego are putting it up the structure. Ten of them are helping out -- and all of them are in recovery and have lived on the streets. With colder temperatures the past few nights, the vets say the shelter is vital.

    "I can remember being out there on those streets," Mike Walton said on Wednesday, "When you're out there and you don't have any protection from the elements, you get sick -- really, really sick -- and some people, they die." 

    The shelter will be open for about four months and will house 150 men and 70 women. It will also offer food, medical care, clothing, drug and alcohol treatment, and mental health counseling.