Grizzly Bear Attacks Campers, Kills Man

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    YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING - JULY 8: A log floats over reflected clouds in a lake on July 8, 2007 in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. (Photo by Jeff Hutchens/Getty Images)

    The owner of an east county animal sanctuary says a grizzly bear that mauled a man to death near Yellowstone National Park will most likely be euthanized, but it's still unclear what will happen to the bear's three cubs.

    Family members say 48-year-old Kevin Kammer went to Yellowstone National Park by himself to enjoy his favorite hobby.

    "Kevin was an avid fly fisherman and that is what he loved to do," said his brother in law Jim Howard.

    Tragically, it would be his last fishing trip.

    At around 2 a.m., a grizzly bear weighing about 300 to 400 pounds attacked Kammer as he slept inside his tent at the Soda Butte Campground near Yellowstone. The bear dragged him 25 feet from his tent and mauled him to death.

    The bear then attacked two other tents seriously injuring a man and a woman. Wildlife officials said the attacks were unusual because none of the campers had any food inside their tents.

    "When you're sleeping in their house, the forest where they live, they're a wild animals, they're unpredictable," said Bobbi Brink, who runs an east county animal sanctuary called "Lions, Tigers and Bears."

    Brink said the bear will likely be euthanized, but it's unclear what will happen to the bear's three cubs.

    "They could have the same predatory behaviors that the momma bear has," Brink said.

    She's hoping the cubs will be taken to a sanctuary instead of being put down.

    Wildlife officials have captured the mother bear and two of her cubs, but one is still loose. They have not decided if all of the animals will be euthanized.

    Kammer is survived by his wife and four children.