Geyser Gushes Near San Diego Convention Center

The geyser flooded West Harbor Drive before 4 a.m. Wednesday

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    A 25-foot geyser gushed out from the ground behind the San Diego Convention Center for more than three hours Wednesday spilling thousands of gallons of water.

    The water valve was broken by a hit-and-run driver around 3:45 a.m. and caused flooding along West Harbor Drive.

    Crews Fix Geyser Hours Later

    [DGO] Crews Fix Geyser Hours Later
    Hours after a geyser appeared near San Diego Convention Center, crews fixed the broken part that caused the mess. NBC 7's Nicole Gomez reports. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013)

    It wasn't until 7 a.m. that workers were able to turn off the water and it took another four hours to repair the valve.

    It took San Diego Public Utilities Department crews hours to respond because they were called during off-hours.

    Geyser Gushes for Hours in San Diego

    [DGO] Geyser Gushes for Hours in San Diego
    A busted water valve caused this geyser near the San Diego Convention Center that sent water into the air for more than three hours. NBC 7's Elena Gomez reports. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013)

    Another problem workers ran into was that the air valve is connected to a 24-inch water main.

    Because of that, a hydraulics crew had to assist.

    It was necessary to shut down the water main slowly. Otherwise, the main could have ruptured in several spots, officials told NBC 7.

    The line feeds into Coronado creating another issue. Utility workers had to ensure that another feed to the island was working as to not disrupt their water service.

    So who is on the hook for repairs and the cost of the lost water?

    "We'll work with Harbor Police and the Convention Center to identify who knocked over the air valve," said Arian Collins with San Diego Public Utilities. "It'll be the vehicle owner that'll be responsible for paying for the work as well as water that was lost."

    The water department said it doesn't have an exact figure of the amount of water lost in the incident. The ballpark figure provided was "thousands of gallons."