Geezer Bandit May Be Tagged by Dye Pack: FBI

The Geezer Bandit has been linked to 16 robberies in California, most of them happened in San Diego County

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    FBI agents in San Diego believe the elusive bank robber known as the “Geezer Bandit” may be easier to spot because of red stains on his skin.

    The man believed to be responsible for 16 robberies throughout California struck again Friday at a Bank of American in San Luis Obispo.

    How Dye Pack May Help Find Geezer Bandit

    [DGO] How Dye Pack May Help Find Geezer Bandit
    The FBI says the stain from the dye pack got all over the Geezer Bandit's upper torso and face. Tony Shin reports. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011)

    This time however, things didn’t go smoothly for the Geezer Bandit.

    That's because a security device called a dye pack exploded inside the bag of money. It's basically just a thin square package hidden inside a stack of bills.

    Geezer Bandit Leaves Trail of Clues

    [DGO] Geezer Bandit Leaves Trail of Clues
    The notorious bank robber "Geezer Bandit" has struck again, according to the FBI. This time, he may have left behind a crucial clue that could give investigators the break they need to capture him. (Published Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011)

    When a dye pack explodes, it sprays a red chemical in all directions, staining everything it touches.

    Once the robber leaves the bank, a sensor triggers it, creating a chemical reaction that can burn the skin.

    "When he gets about 30 yards away from the bank, you'll see a puff of red smoke," Darrell Foxworth, Special Agent said while looking at surveillance video of Friday’s robbery.

    Foxworth says the stain got all over the Geezer bandit's upper torso and face.

    "It may take a while for that stain to come off,” he said. “People need to pay attention to that."

    Also, the robbery suspect left behind a day planner that the Geezer Bandit often carries in his bank robberies.

    He dropped it after the dye pack explosion. The ledger is now being tested for fingerprints and DNA.

    "We'll try to exploit all the forensic capabilities that we have in further chance of identifying the suspect here," Foxworth said.

    Of course, because the Geezer Bandit could be wearing a mask and gloves that look like human hands, as has been speculated in the past, there is a good chance the dye pack didn’t stain his skin.

    One witness reported the robbery suspect in San Luis Obispo took off in a white 5 series BMW at a high rate of speed according to officials.

    The FBI is now analyzing the surveillance video for clues.

    The  Geezer Bandit  has been linked to 16 robberies in California, most of them happened in San Diego County. There is a $20,000 reward for his capture and conviction.

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