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Gas Prices Surge, Average Nears 2012 Record High

Earlier this year oil experts predicted a “superspike” in prices by May or June

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    If you fill your tank at the start of the work week, expect to pay nearly 13 cents more a gallon than you would have on Friday.

    Monday's average is $4.35 - just 3 cents away from this year's record high.

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    Industry experts say a shortage of supply is leading to the spike in prices.

    While most gas stations around the country are lowering their prices, the cost at the pump in Southern California has been going up.

    Gas Prices Spike Significantly

    [DGO] Gas Prices Spike Significantly
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    The blame is going to planned shutdowns of oil refineries in the west.

    Charles Langley, a gasoline analyst at the Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN), told NBCSanDiego last week that fuel supplies have driven up the wholesale cost of gasoline by an estimate average of 31 cents a gallon for independently owned gas stations.

    Earlier this year oil experts predicted a “superspike” in prices by May or June.

    San Diego’s record high price was in May of 2008 at $4.64 a gallon.

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