Motorcycle Rider Thrown 100 Yards in Fatal I-805 crash

Witnesses say four motorcycles were traveling between 90 and 120 mph along I-805 at Sweetwater Road

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    A man was killed in a collision involving two motorcycles that closed a major northbound highway through National City.

    The crash happened around 2 a.m. along Interstate 805 near Sweetwater Road.

    Motorcycles Traveling at High Speeds Before Crash: CHP

    [DGO] Motorcycles Traveling at High Speeds Before Crash: CHP
    A fatal motorcycle collision shut down northbound Interstate 805 at Sweetwater in National City early Friday. NBC 7's Chris Chan reports. (Published Friday, June 7, 2013)

    Four people were riding together from a motorcycle event, traveling approximately 90 to 120 miles per hour witnesses told California Highway Patrol officers.

    When the riders encountered slower traffic, the first two avoided the vehicles. The third motorcycle crashed into the back of a pickup truck, ejecting the driver.

    The body of one rider landed about 100 yards from where the motorcycles came to rest CHP officials said. The man, described as a 27-year-old National City resident, was pronounced dead at the scene.

    A fourth rider on a white Honda swerved to avoid the crash and was thrown from his bike. He jumped into another vehicle and left the scene officials said.

    CHP investigators believe the riders knew one another.

    Some family members of the victim were on the scene and very distraught.

    After northbound traffic was halted for several hours in the investigation, I-805 northbound was reopened again before 6 a.m.

    Witnesses with any information regarding this collision can contact CHP at (858) 637-3800.