Street Racing Led to East Village Crash: Cops

Two cars were speeding near G and 16th when they collided with another car officials said

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    A crash that totaled three cars and hospitalized a man shut down parts of East Village early Friday.

    San Diego police say they believe the driver responsible for the crash was street racing.

    One witness told NBC 7 San Diego the driver of a Honda Civic was driving around the area looking for someone to race.

    The Civic was driving east on G Street when the driver approached a Camaro.

    East Village Crash Injures Driver

    [DGO] East Village Crash Injures Driver
    The crash at 16th and G Streets injured a driver that was not involved in the street race according to San Diego police investigators.

    San Diego police Lt. Paul Rorrison say the two cars sped through the intersection of G and 16th Streets. That’s when the Civic collided with a Buick driving north on 16th.

    “I saw the car skidding on its side, definitely not something you see every day,” said Oz Reid. “I just remember dust initially and then glass everywhere and it finally hit the pole and came back down and I immediately pulled over and helped the guy out.”

    Reid is a certified paramedic so he helped the driver of the Buick who was later rushed to the hospital with broken ribs.

    The four people in the Civic fled the scene heading south on 16th Rorrison said.

    Officers arrested the driver of the Camaro.