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Cyber Bullies Target HS Senior




    Kassie Luft was enjoying senior year. Now she's begging her parents to allow her to homeschool.

    At 17, Luft is just months away from graduating high school. She should be having the time of her life, instead she is miserable.

    “It’s horrible.” She said, “I don't know what to do. I don't even want to go to Grad Night at my school.”

    She blames a website called The Dirty.

    Nearly 2 months ago, Luft says some girls from school posted her photos a gossip website. They wrote hurtful comments while other anonymous posters joined in.

    “I was really upset about it and mad about it," Luft said. "But I couldn't really do anything.”

    Her mother, Bridgette said, “It breaks my heart because she is so down on herself now everything is negative she can’t find a positive outlook.”

    Kassie's mom immediately contacted the website telling them Kassie is a minor and asking them to remove her phot.

    “The company emailed her back, saying they would not remove the photos," Bridgette Luft said.

    NBC San Diego spoke to the web site's attorney Monday night from his office in Arizona.

    “The staff at ‘The Dirty’ don't create the posts and they are not legally responsible for what other people say there," David Gringas said. "The goal is not to satisfy everyone , the goal is to promote speech and allow people to exchange ideas.”

    Still for victims like Kassie, the damage has been done.

    “I just want the website to be gone," she said. "It’s not fair."

    Gringas said anyone can submit an email request to remove a post and within 72 hours it is usually taken down.

    He said he didn't know why Kassie's wasn’t removed, but within an hour of NBC San Diego’s conversation with Gringas, the post on Luft  was removed.