Classes Resume After School Dance Death

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    Grief counselors will be on hand as students return to a San Marcos school for the first time since a classmate collapsed and died after a school dance.

    Sabrina Keller, 14, collapsed during the dance at Woodland Park Middle School Thursday around 9 p.m.

    School Mourns Teen Girl's Sudden Death

    [DGO] School Mourns Teen Girl's Sudden Death
    Sabrina Keller, 14, collapsed at a Woodland Park Middle School Dance and was pronounced dead on June 9.

    A bystander started CPR while someone else called 911. Medics flew Keller to Rady Children's Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

    An autopsy was inconclusive so investigators are waiting for a toxicology report to learn more about why Keller died.

    Teen Remembered as "Kind, Good Girl"

    [DGO] Parents of Sabrina Keller Speak Out
    Sabrina Keller, a San Marcos teenager and girl scout, died after collapsing at a school dance Thursday due to an unknown cause.

    Just last month Keller won the award for selling the most Girl Scout cookies in San Diego county.

    As a prize for selling the most cookies in the county, the Girl Scouts arranged a helicopter ride for Keller.

    Girl Scout Dies After School Dance

    [DGO] Girl Scout Dies After School Dance
    Sabrina Keller, 14, an eighth grader at Woodland Park Middle School, collapsed and never regained consciousness Thursday, just one week before graduation.

    A memorial service is planned for Tuesday in San Marcos.