City Surplus Spending Wishes: San Diegans Sound Off

Locals share ideas for how to spend Mayor Jerry Sanders' projected City budget surpluses

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    With Mayor Jerry Sanders now projecting big City budget surpluses over the next five years, San Diegans are coming up with all kinds of ideas for how to spend that money.

    For clarification, the surpluses aren’t funds that can be spent on a stadium, convention center expansion or civic infrastructure. That’s bankrolled by municipal bonds or so-called "enterprise" funds.

    San Diego Spending Wish List

    [DGO] San Diego Spending Wish List
    With Mayor Sanders now projecting big city budget surpluses over the next five years, San Diegans have all kinds of ideas and priorities for how to spend that extra money. Mike Vanlaarhoven of Point Loma is just one resident who shared his ideas with NBC 7's Gene Cubbison. (Published Thursday, April 12, 2012)

    The money, however, can be spent on public safety, including hiring more police officers and firefighters and providing more neighborhood services.

    That being said, some of the ideas from locals on distributing the money included “saving it for a rainy day” or “refunding it to taxpayers.”

    “Help the homeless,” suggested one San Diegan.

    Not just with more shelter, but with food, various treatments, training and more public restrooms.

    "They're blocks and blocks away from the nearest bathroom. It's a public health hazard. They've not addressed this problem for years,” said Torrey Pines resident Nelson Brav.

    The money could also be spent on longer operating hours at public rec centers or libraries, or a more modern resource, as recommended by one local.

    "You know, those could be replaced with free internet cafes, a much smaller footprint. You don't need books when I can put it on a microchip," said Point Loma resident Mike van Laarhoven.

    A couple of wise guys suggested spending the surplus money on “fish tacos” or using it to “fix the Padres.”

    At any rate, NBC 7 will be quizzing the mayoral candidates about their budget priorities during a live debate at 6 p.m. April 23rd.

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