Bedding Section at Store Still Closed Off After Fire

A fire ignited in the middle of the bedding section of a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Chula Vista on Jul. 2

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    Rene Gonzales
    The bedding section of a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Chula Vista remained closed off to customers following a fire that erupted inside the store on Jul. 2.

    The entire bedding section of a home goods store in Chula Vista is still closed off to customers following a fire that sparked inside the store earlier this week.

    On Tuesday, a fire erupted in the bedding section of a Bed Bath & Beyond store off H Street in Chula Vista. The flames were fueled by a shelf of bedding in the middle of the store, and the fire activated the store’s sprinkler system.

    Customers were evacuated from the store and no one was injured.

    A shopper captured the shooting flames near the bedding display and posted the video on YouTube (see clip below) before firefighters could quickly knock down the blaze.

    On Sunday, NBC 7 learned the bedding section where the fire ignited is still closed off to customers. The area is draped off by plastic coverings.

    A sales associate told NBC 7 that employees are standing by to help customers retrieve any bedding items they might want that are shelved beyond the plastic curtains.

    The sales associate said they don’t yet know when the section will be fully open again, as they’re still waiting for water from the aftermath of the fire to dry up.

    Several air blowers could be seen running along the carpet in the restricted area. It also appears that all the damaged or burned shelves and products have been removed.

    Following the blaze, fire officials said the store sustained extensive water damage. Investigators estimated structural damage was about $27,000 but said damage to the contents of the store could be significantly more because the smell of smoke lingers in bedding.

    The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Earlier this week, a Chula Vista deputy fire chief told NBC 7 that several surveillance cameras inside the store are being used in investigation.

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