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Cement Truck Slams Into Lakeside Home

The homeowner was having a cup of coffee when he heard a loud boom

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    Artie Ojeda

    A large cement truck rolled down a steep residential street and crashed into a home Thursday.

    Mick Canfield was having his morning cup of coffee when he heard a loud boom just after 7 a.m.

    Cement Truck Slams Into Lakeside Home

    [DGO] Cement Truck Slams Into Lakeside Home
    Crews struggle to hoist the half-full cement truck back up the steep grade. (Published Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011)

    "It was like there was an earthquake in half of the place," he said.

    In a split second, his custom motorcycle fabrication business was in shambles - a cement truck had just rolled into the building located near Gay Rio Drive and Los Amigos way in unincorporated Lakeside.

    Neighbors say the cement truck was trying to make it up Lila Hill Lane, an extremely steep private residential road, when it somehow lost control and rolled backwards smashing into Canfield's business at the bottom of the street.

    "I made it to the top but then the brakes lost pressure," driver Caleb Perez said. "I had my seat belt on but I just yelled like it was a roller coaster."

    Workers struggled to move the cement truck with a huge tow truck. The steep grade was making the truck's removal tough.

    Perez has owned Perez Ready Mix for the past four years. He said he has $1 million insurance coverage.

    He says he had the brakes on his truck checked last week. The truck was carrying 5 yards of cement, about half capacity of the truck. He says it probably weighs more than 20,000 lbs.

    Canfield's business is called MC Works and operates out of a garage attached to his home at the bottom of the steep grade.