Vigil Held For Amber Dubois

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    Adam White

    A sea of lights twinkled in the night as more than 1500 people held candles at Escondido High School to remember 14-year old Amber Dubois.

    "She always had something funny say even if she was sad, she would always make you happy, that's just how she was,"said Escondido High School student Samantha Campos.

    "It's really scary because it's so close to home,"said classmate Cherise McCoy. "It could have been anybody and it's tragic that it had to be somebody like her."

    Many people came from other areas of San Diego County to take part in the candlelight vigil including Leah Wilson.  She lives in Poway and her son went to school with Chelsea King. "That's why we're here tonight, to let them know that we support them, we love them and we don't want this to happen to another child,"said Wilson with tears in her eyes.

    Candlelight Vigil for Amber Dubois

    [DGO] Candlelight Vigil for Amber Dubois
    A sea of lights twinkled in the night as more than 1500 people held candles at Escondido High School to remember 14-year old Amber Dubois.

    Escondido High School Principal Rich Watkins told the crowd of people that Amber's murder is a wake up call for everyone including students.  "They are the future of the community and they want to be safer,"said Watkins. 

    Amber's parents thanked the community for all of its support during the last 13 months since Amber was last seen alive on Feb. 13, 2009. 

    "We do need to make changes and hopefully with the support of all the parents, we’ll be able to change the laws to make things safe," said Amber's mother Carrie Mcgonigle. 

    Amber's father told everyone that it would be his life's work to make sex offender laws tougher.  

    "Three years ago, we the people of California voted Jessica's Law in, to date the ACLU has dragged it into court claiming it unconstitutional and that these predators have rights,"Dubois said.  

    On Tuesday, students and faculty are being encouraged to wear the color red, in honor of Amber.