Cabbie's Taxi ID Card Suspended

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    San Diego Co. Sheriff's Dept.
    Sam Hassan Daly (legal name). He's been licensed as a taxi driver since 12/1/03. He currently has an active license to drive for Emerald Cab. Term of license is 4-26-10 to 4-26-11.

    The cabdriver’s license in last weekend’s tragic accident outside Stingaree has been suspended, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

    Licensing managers suspended Sam Hassan Daly's taxi ID without a hearing, according to spokesperson Jan Caldwell. They found the 52-year-old was a "clear and immediate threat to the safety and protection of the public."

    The Sheriff’s Department licenses taxi-drivers and the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) regulates the industry.

    The accident injured more than 30 people outside Stingaree at 6th and Island early Saturday morning.

    Cabbie Doesn't Remember Nightclub Crash

    [DGO] Cabbie Doesn't Remember Nightclub Crash
    Home from the hospital, Sam Daly said he figures he blacked out according to his roommate.

    According to his roommate, Daly didn't have any hard answers as to what caused the cab to lose control.

    "He doesn't remember anything before being pulled out of the cab," said Dan Rose. "He just figures he blacked out."

    The attorney for six of the victims said he has collected clear evidence that Daly had fallen asleep before the crash.

    San Diego attorney Ashkan King Aminpour said his private investigator spoke with first responders who were the first to see Daly in the moments after the accident.

    "He seemed to be in a state of surprise. His eyes were a little bit glassy, as if he fell asleep at the wheel. As if he was extremely fatigued," said attorney Aminpour.

    Daly is an Egyptian immigrant who worked as a doctor in his native country before taking a job driving a cab in San Diego.

    Court documents indicate Daly has lived in San Diego for at least seven years and that his given name is "Ossama Hassan El-Darandaly." He changed his name to Sam Hassan Daly sometime since 2005.

    Rose, told us Daly has been having financial and personal problems.

    "Just very irregular behavior, kind of up and down, a little bit recluse, depressed type of behavior," said Rose.

    The cab driver owns the house in Linda Vista but told his roommate the bank is foreclosing on the property. Documents obtained by NBC San Diego reveal Daly filed for bankruptcy four years ago.

    Rose said Daly sent what money he could back to his family in Egypt.

    “He didn't make a lot of money and what he did make, he'd send back to his family in Egypt, his brothers and sisters," said Rose.

    Daly has five traffic violations and was charged with misdemeanor battery. Prosecutors later dismissed that case.