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And You Thought the Seating Chart Was Complicated

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    More than 20 weddings planned for a historic North County setting are still in limbo.

    On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Eddie Sturgeon urged both sides in the dispute to settle their differences and reopen the doors to the Amy Strong Castle -- a one-of-a-kind, historic mansion built in the shadow of Mount Woodson, near Ramona -- and let the weddings proceed. Sturgeon could not order it to happen, however.

    The property's owner and a company that claims it has a lease to manage the castle will have to work out a compromise if the weddings are to take place. One of the lawyers told NBCSanDiego that both sides will do all they can to make sure the brides and grooms still have their special days.

    Hundreds of couples have tied the knot  at the Amy Strong Castle, a masterpiece of art and architecture built in 1920 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.