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Blurring the Lines: TV & Internet Content

Dumping cable for online connections



    San Diego mother Monica Papin says her kids are confused, calling televisions "computers" and computers "televisions."

    "They don't understand why there is a difference," Papin said.

    Blurring the Lines: TV & Internet Content

    [DGO] Blurring the Lines: TV & Internet Content
    The media is merging.
    (Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011)

    That's because the Papin family watches all their shows over a computer screen.  Today, websites like Hulu and Netflix offer regular televison programing over the Internet.

    "All you need now is a high-speed internet connection," said Tommy McGlone of Crywolf computers. 

    Apple TV allows for internet connection through HD television sets.  Google TV is another recent entry into the television world that blurs the line between computers and TV sets.

    "I really don't need the cable channels," Papin said.

    Today her family gets their programs through an antenna or over the internet.  Popular shows like "Glee," "30 Rock" and "The Office" are often available over the Internet just hours or days after they first appear on TV. 

    Many college students like David Tolton no longer pay for cable.  Tolton says he and the other UC San Diego students in his apartment chose not to and, instead, just get their favorite shows online.