Bike Helmet Saved My Life: Child

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    Spencer Thornburg

    An El Cajon boy struck by an SUV while trying to cross a busy intersection can thank his bicycle helmet he survived.

    Keith Rube Norton was riding his bike to school when he was hit June 3 in the crosswalk at East Madison and East Main Streets.

    The 9-year-old ended up pinned under the vehicle.

    Boy: "I Could Have Been Dead Right Now"

    [DGO] Boy: "I Could Have Been Dead Right Now"
    Keith Norton, a 9-year-old who attends Madison Elementary School in El Cajon, was presented a new bicycle Tuesday after he says a helmet saved his life.

    Deep scrapes and tire tracks on the Norton's helmet show just how bad things could have been if he hadn't been wearing one.

    “If I never had my helmet on I could have been dead right now," he said.

    Child Injured in SUV Accident Gets New Bike, Helmet

    [DGO] Child Injured in SUV Accident Gets New Bike, Helmet
    A child struck by a vehicle in El Cajon while riding his bike to school was saved by his helmet. Ten days later, firefighters and officers gave Keith Norton a new bike and new helmet.

    Norton spoke about the experience outside his school, Madison Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday.

    "It was my turn to go, I looked [the driver] dead in the eyes, and she kept on going,” he said. “I tried to dodge her a little and I think my tire hit the car and it got stuck under it."

    "I think I woke up under the car and I was stuck and my helmet was stuck,” said Norton.

    The El Cajon police officers and firefighters who helped rescue Norton presented him with a brand new bike and helmet.

    Officers used the event to remind Norton’s classmates to wear a helmet at all times with the chinstrap fastened.