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Bicycle Owner's Business Remains Grounded

The city attorney says these vehicles are pedicabs



    Courtesy of Social Cycle
    Laura Rovich rents this large bicycle unit, which she argues is not a Pedi cab.

    A unique bicycle that carries 16 passengers remains grounded today, after a local judge refused to help the bike's owner.

    They're called "hybrid vehicles" or "pedal cruisers". Laura Rovick owns two of them, which she rents to groups, for tours around the Gaslamp.

    To Pedal or Not to Pedal?

    [DGO] To Pedal or Not to Pedal?
    A San Diego small business owner is claiming her bicycle shop may shut down because of a city ordinance.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012)

    But the city attorney says these vehicles are pedicabs.

    On Feb. 4, police cited Rovick for operating without a license. They kicked off the passengers, and impounded the vehicle.

    And today, a judge denied Rovick's request for an emergency order, that would put the pedal cruisers back on the street, without fear of another ticket.

    Rovick says she might move her business to another city.

    “You know, there's other options. Long Beach, Palm Springs, things like that, you know, want the tourism and want these type of attractions to bring to their city," she said.

    The judge will hold another hearing, next month, giving Rovick another chance to get her bicycle unit back on downtown streets.

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