ACLU Demands Escondido Police Report of Domestic Violence Case

Woman was turned over to immigration authorities after reporting domestic violence

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    The American Civil Liberties Union is investigating the case of woman who was turned over to immigration authorities after calling police to report that her boyfriend was abusing her.

    The ACLU requested the police report of the incident, which occurred on Aug. 20, our media partner, the North County Times reports.

    Elena Cabrera called Escondido police to report the abuse, and when the police arrived, they arrested both Cabrera and her boyfriend, Jorge Melgar. Escondido Police told the NCT they arrested both Melgar and Cabrera since both individuals were injured.

    When the couple was taken into custody at the Vista jail, immigration officials screened the two. After the screening, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put an immigration hold on Cabrera. At the time, her immigration visa was pending.

    ACLU legal director David Blair-Loy said the ACLU wants to be sure the Escondido police officers acted appropriately.

    In response, Lt. Craig Carter said the Escondido police officers did not question Cabrera and Melgar’s immigration status, nor did they turn the two over to immigration officials.

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