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4.0 Earthquake Rattles San Diego, Did You Feel It?



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    An earthquake rattled San Diegans Saturday morning.

    A 4.0 magnitude earthquake rattled San Diegans Saturday morning, according to the USGS website.

    "Maintenance people are running around my complex making sure no gas lines broke or anything. That can be really dangerous," Angelica Gibbons in El Cajon said. "I've been through two big earthquakes before.  Once you've been through big ones where you're helping people live, you feel everything. I feel everything even small earthquakes."

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    The quake hit at 7.34 a.m. and the epicenter was about 19 miles west of La Jolla and 22 miles west of Coronado. It jolted some residents out of bed.

    "That was an earthquake! The house rattled. The bed shook and even the parrot next door was squawking. It lasted for a couple seconds and was enough to jar me awake," Marianne said from La Jolla.

    Residents from all over the county told NBCSanDiego that they felt the quake including Escondido, El Cajon, Blossom Valley, Rancho Peñasquitos and Sunset Cliffs.

    “I jumped out of bed and found my cats in the hallway 'big eyed'.” Bern said. “It didn't last but a few seconds but was a good jolt.”

    Geneva Hallet from Lakeside said she was standing in her kitchen when her Venetian blinds started vibrating.

    "I have a parrot and it started hollering when the earthquake hit,” she said. “It's still hollering!"

    Hallet said the rattling lasted about 15 to 20 seconds.

    “I'm in Blossom Valley, between El Cajon and Alpine, and definitely felt it,” Wendy said.

    The San Diego Fire Department said there are no reports of any injuries or damage.

    “My nerves were like pins and needles for a few seconds,” said Debbie in Rancho Peñasquitos.

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