2 Good Samaritans Come to the Rescue

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    Greg Bledsoe

    On a day when most people are consumed by a football game, Chris and Janis Murphy were bringing an electric wheel chair to a woman they've never met.

    Someone stole Monice Williams $5000 wheelchair Friday, while she ran a 15 minute errand.

    The couple saw Williams story on NBCSanDiego on Saturday night and knew they could help. They had a chair in storage that belong to Chris Murphy's Dad.

    Williams can't use a regular wheelchair.

    2 Good Samaritans Come to the Rescue

    [DGO] 2 Good Samaritans Come to the Rescue
    Her motorized wheelchair was stolen while she went on an errand.

    "I have neuropathy in the hands, arthritis in the shoulders, so I can't push," Williams told NBCSanDiego.

    Less than 24 hours after watching that tearful interview Saturday - and contacting NBC San Diego with a solution, Chris and Janis were knocking on Monice's door.

    After a few adjustments and a quick test drive, the chair is a perfect fit for Monice.

    Williams suffers from diabetes.  She is the recipient of a kidney transplant, and recently had her right leg amputated. She is able to drive a car with her left leg, but keeps the motorized wheelchair parked in the parking lot to help her get around. Unfortunately, she says the chair didn't need a key and someone took it.

    Medicare paid for the $5,000 chair, but Williams is not eligible for a replacement.