Suspected Avocado Thief Arrested

Police believe suspect stole over 1,000 pounds of avocados from a Fallbrook grove

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    A man was arrested Friday on suspicion of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of avocados.

    San Diego Sheriffs believe that Barron Stein, a 43-year-old Fallbrook resident, stole 1,000 pounds of avocados from a grove in Bonsall on March 15 of this year.

    The crime on Luis Rey Heights Rd. was captured on surveillance cameras. A Fallbrook deputy recognized Stein from the footage as he was walking on Old Stage Rd.

    Avocado Thieves Stealing Livelihood

    [DGO] Avocado Thieves Stealing Livelihood
    Local farms attest that an avocado crime wave is far from a victimless offense.

    Deputies arrested and booked Stein into the Vista Jail with one charge of grand theft. They found that Stein had a prior history of avocado theft.

    The value of the stolen avocados is estimated at about $1,500.