Millions Promised to Schools Not Coming

District expected more than it received in the wake of budget cuts

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    The San Diego Unified School district got an unwelcome surprise about some expected revenue from the state.

    They learned in a meeting Tuesday night that $2.5 million promised by the state won't be coming, reports

    The report says that the board expected to get around $36 million, but in the wake of the budget’s passing, only received $20 million.

    This means they won't be able to recall some of the laid-off staff, as was planned last month.

    "This is a very sobering report," Superintendent Bill Kowba said to VOSD. "The common theme is incredible risk from one week to the next."

    Almost half the district’s day-to-day funds from the state will come in late. The district will have to borrow to cover these costs until the funds arrive.

    Schools will now only receive $20 million in the upcoming year. This means the 300 jobs for elementary school teachers the district added will now be paid for with borrowed money.