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San Diego Company Outfits Amputees from Georgian Militia with Prosthetics

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    NBC 7
    More than a dozen wounded from the Georgian militia were in San Diego getting help from Peter Harsch Prosthetics.

    More than a dozen military amputees from the Republic of Georgia are now receiving prosthetic care at a local company, Peter Harsch Prosthetics.

    They're being fitted with the world's most advanced prosthetic leg called the X-3.

    It's described as the first intelligent prosthetic leg, with an accelerometer and gyroscope able to tell where a user's leg is in space.

    Georgian Minister of Defense Irakli Alasania also traveled to San Diego and calls the amputees heroes.

    "They gave everything they could for their country, for the international security and peace and shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. and other allies they were defending freedom and the choice of
    Afghan people," Alasania said.

    The defense minister says the amputees will soon return to Georgia and go back on active duty.

    They fought in Georgia's 2008 war with Russia, and were also a part of the coalition troops in Afghanistan.