Local Students Plant Fruit Trees

The program helps teach students at Smythe Elementary School in San Ysidro the importance of healthy eating

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    Students at Smythe Elementary School in San Ysidro are learning about the importance of healthy eating by planting fruit orchards at their school.

    The program, called "Fruit Tree 101," teams up with Stretch Island Fruit and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to teach students nutritional values, by growing their own fruit.

    The event featured a hands-on fruit tree planting workshop and a lesson with health experts.

    One health educator explained what the program means for children.

    “Students really get to see where fruit comes from, they get to see that it's actually a tree, and they get to care for it and then they get to come out from their classroom door and within a couple of years, they get to harvest the fruit straight from their tree,” said Katherine Drotos with Stretch Island Fruit Co.

    A spokesperson for 'Fruit Tree 101' says all the fruit trees and shrubs are donated to schools around the nation to address important issues like caring for the environment and proper nutrition