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Harney Sushi Chef: Dispels Fears of Japan's Fish



    Executive sushi chef Rob Ruiz of Harney Sushi returned home this week from a research trip to Japan, where he went digging for answers about the escalating costs of seafood and to better understand where and how many of the species are fished.

    He was there (in Nagoya) during the earthquake on march 11 and in various other parts of the country as the nuclear crisis unfolded.

    What he learned may come as a welcome surprise to consumers and his fellow sushi chefs.

    Ruiz said he spent several days at Tokyo's world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market and learned 85 percent of the seafood originates from all over the world and south Japan, not from the affected areas where the nuclear reactors are.

    "That includes the top five universal fish seen in every sushi bar such as tuna, which comes from Indochina seas, not Japan," Ruiz said.

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