3 in 10 California Students Physically Fit

San Diego County numbers are better than the state average

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    Don Boomer, North County Times
    Ninth-grader Miles Peek joined fellow students in doing push-ups during their physical education class at San Marcos High School.

    While only three out of ten students in California are physically fit, the numbers for San Diego County are better than the state average.

    State School Superintendent of Public Education Tom Torlakson delivered the results of the latest Physical Fitness Test while visiting Grossmont High School in El Cajon Wednesday.

    Flanked by NBA great Bill Walton, Torlakson said only 31-percent of students posted healthy scores in all six areas of the test.

    “That's a public health challenge we can't wait to address," Torlakson said.

    The test was administered to 1.34 million students or 93 percent of children enrolled in fifth, seventh, and ninth grades.

    To meet aerobic goals, a 5-foot-6-inch, 150-pound ninth-grade boy must run a mile within nine minutes, do at least 16 push-ups and 24 sit-ups.

    In San Diego County, the numbers are better than the state average.

    Aerobic Capacity in Healthy Fitness Zone:
    5th Grade: 66.2%
    7th Grade: 67.7%
    9th Grade: 68.4%

    Body Composition in Healthy Fitness Zone:
    5th Grade: 55.1%
    7th Grade: 59.0%
    9th Grade 63.2%

    Torlakson and Walton urged schools to take part in the Team California for Healthy Kids campaign that includes exercise programs and getting more salad bars into schools.