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3 hours ago

Dad in Encinitas Carjacking 'Kept Wits About Him': Deputies

Carjacked dad "kept his wits about him" and did the right thing, sheriff's officials said Tuesday.

2 hours ago

Sinaloa Cartel Drug Trafficker Sentenced to 15 Years in Jail

A Sinaloa Cartel trafficker was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Tuesday for trafficking narcotics through Central America, Mexico and the United States.

9 minutes ago

Black Applicants Rejected for Trump Housing Speak Out

In 1973, New York City school teacher Annette Gandy Fortt was looking for a decent place to live. A listing for an apartment in a building owned by Donald Trump's father, Fred, caught her eye — but she says the...

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Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

He's red hot and smelling quite fantastic.