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36 minutes ago

Mom Says She Drowned Boy to Save Him From Dad

An Oceanside mother said she tried to drown her 21-month-old son three times, succeeding on the third attempt, to save him from his allegedly pedophiliac father, according to a police recording played in...

45 minutes ago

Doctors to Strike, Protest UCSD Labor Practices

A statewide strike of doctors at all the UC systems, including UC San Diego, is set to happen on Tuesday, the first time such a strike has occurred in 25 years.

2 hours ago

"Extremely Dangerous" Blizzard Pounds Northeast

The busy Northeast corridor was in line for a winter wallop that was predicted to bring up to 2 to 3 feet of snow from northern New Jersey to Maine.

Popcorn-Biz Popcorn-Biz

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

He's red hot and smelling quite fantastic.