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5 hours ago

2 of Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivors Reunite

Two of Pearl Harbor's oldest known survivors, veterans Ray Chavez, 103, and Jim Downing, 102, share an unbreakable bond.

Jul 3, 2015

Holiday Weekend a Tourism Boost for San Diego

The long holiday weekend will translate into a huge economic boost for San Diego, as thousands of visitors flock here for the beaches, parks and tourist attractions.

2 hours ago

Presidential Candidates Campaign in July 4 Parades

Alongside the patriotic music and waving flags Saturday in parades across Iowa and New Hampshire were clear reminders of a presidential race coming up next year. Former Govs. Jeb Bush of Florida, Rick Perry...

Popcorn-Biz Popcorn-Biz

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

He's red hot and smelling quite fantastic.