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Sausalito Houseboat Rated One of America's Top Vacation Rentals

Want to float away on your holiday? You'll have to wait until 2015.



    Not a bad vacation view.

    To find one of the top vacation getaway rentals in America, head to the Bay.

    As in the dock on the bay.

    A teak-floored Sausalito houseboat named Tobiko is one of TripAdvisor's best places to float your cares away. The $5,000-a-month two-level floating retreat has kayak access as well as a roof deck, modern appliances -- and, well, bay views all day and all night.

    The boat is so popular it books up months in advance -- and, in fact, as of now it's rented until 2015.

    So plan ahead. And, once you do, you'll find peace and relaxation on the not-so-high seas.