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San Jose to Consider Ban on Sugar Drinks, Whole Milk

San Jose joins about 30 other cities and counties in the Bay Area that have already enacted a similar ban



    Fresh off passing a ban on Styrofoam, a San Jose city councilman is already talking about another ban.

    Councilman Ash Kalra is poised to introduce a proposal on Wednesday to ban sugary drinks and whole milk at city properties and events.

    It's a move, he says, to promote healthier diets, though critics say government shouldn’t be dictating what people think.

    Kalra first needs to get the proposal approved by the council's agenda- setting committee.

    On Tuesday, the city council voted to ban Styrofoam takeout containers at restaurants.

    The goal of that ban is to help protect the environment and keep styrofoam, a product that takes a long time to degrade, out of local landfills and waterways.

    Groups like the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce oppose the ban, arguing it's too much of a financial stress on small businesses.