Man Who Wore KKK Hood to Meeting Settles Lawsuit | NBC 7 San Diego

City Settles Lawsuit With Man Who Wore KKK Hood to LA Meeting



    In this 2009 photo, Mark Hunt wears a Ku Klux Klan outfit during the public comments period of an LA City Council meeting.

    A man who was booted from a Los Angeles public meeting in 2011 for wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood will receive $215,000 to settle a lawsuit against the city.

    Mark Hunt, who is black, wore the hood and shirt with a racial slur during a 2011 city commission meeting, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    After being kicked out of the meeting, Hunt filed a free speech lawsuit against the city, the newspaper reported. On Wednesday, City Council members voted to settle out of court.

    The 2011 incident was not the first time that Hunt had gone to a meeting dressed in a KKK outfit. In 2009, then-City Councilman Dennis Zine asked Hunt twice to remove the hood.

    Hunt refused.

    "No, this is part of my First Amendment privileges," Hunt said.