Campbell Couple Dies of Heat Exhaustion During Hike | NBC 7 San Diego

Bodies of Campbell Couple Found at Popular Hiking Area Near Utah-Arizona Border



    Officials say an elderly Campbell couple likely died of heat exhaustion while hiking in extreme temperatures. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Friday, July 5, 2013)

    The bodies of a Campbell couple were found Thursday morning at a popular hiking area near the Utah and Arizona border, officials said.

    Preliminary investigations show Ulrich Wahli, 70, and his wife Patricia Wahli, 69, likely died of heat exhaustion while hiking in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees.

    The bodies were found at around 8:45 a.m. when authorities received a call from hikers who discovered the body of an elderly woman.

    Medical and emergency crews responded to recover the body in a helicopter, and while flying over a trail located what appeared to be another body about 250 yards away from the first.

    Authorities said the couple passed away Wednesday afternoon.

    Patricia's body was found lying under a tree as though she was trying to find some relief from the heat, or may have been feeling ill, officials said, adding Ulrich may have been trying to get to help when he was also overcome by heat.

    The bodies will be transferred to the Utah State Medical Examiner's Office, where a further investigation on cause of the deaths will be conducted.