Rainbow Flag = Opportunity for Local Biz

Recent attitude surveys among consumers show more tolerance towards diverse markets

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    NBC 7
    Banners promote Pride events in Hillcrest scheduled for July 2013.

    Gay pride is showing up like never before in some new places this month. The question some are asking - is it about social values or is it about money?

    In Hillcrest, rainbow stickers and flags are a way of life. For business owners, they are a welcome sign to the gay community.

    Some consumers say the symbol often used to promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender pride makes them feel welcome and accepted.

    Others even go as far to say they opt to give those companies their business just for supporting their lifestyle.

    Pride Flag's Importance to Hillcrest

    [DGO] Pride Flag's Importance to Hillcrest
    The San Diego Gay Pride weekend is kicking off in Hillcrest with a rally and block party, and a new flag addition to the neighborhood. NBC 7s Lea Sutton reports.

    Leslie Evans, owner of Creative Futons and Furnishings, says she is shocked by how quickly the marketing of the LGBT lifestyles has taken root in corporate America.

    "I'm totally blown away that it's changing so quickly," Evans said.

    Evans said she has found that kind of support in new places like Macy's which recently launched its a Pride & Joy campaign - complete with clothes out of the closet and on store shelves.

    "Anytime there is a decision made for marketing it's a business-related decision, somebody’s talking about it, looking at the bottom line," said San Diego State Marketing Professor Michael Belch.

    Recent attitude surveys among consumers show more tolerance towards diverse markets - spelling opportunity Belch said.

    Even the NFL Players Association is selling Pride T-shirts with players’ names who've given their support to the movement.

    "You're tapping into a market that has a lot of money," Evans said.

    However, there is the gamble a company may see some loss of another consumer group.

    “You're treading the line between alienating people who still have conservative values and looking at attracting people who may have more liberal values," Belch said.

    June - increasingly the month where social values and business decisions collide around a word called diversity.