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America's Next Top Model: Petite Ninja Warriors

It's go-see week!



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    It's go-see week!

    It's go-see week!

    The girls are broken up into teams of two and actually put behind the wheel of a car, with only a map to guide them. This seems like a terrible idea, but nobody is dead by the episode's end, so I guess it's a success.

    There are five possible casting directors for the girls to meet with, and they must return to the Wilhelmina offices by 4 p.m. You know how that goes. The teams are: Jennifer and Erin; Brittany and Kara; Sundai and Rae; and Nicole and Laura. Kara is glad that she's not with Nicole, because she's a total hater and thinks Nicole has the social graces of a fetus.

    The girls see clothing designers Trina Turk and Rozay Nichols, jewelry designer Neil Lane, and also have to read a script for a commercial at advertising agency Wongdoody. Hilarity ensues when Laura tries out her "hood" accent. She also has no idea how to work a parking meter. The editors showed great restraint in not playing the theme to The Beverly Hillbillies at any point. Because Rae drives like a grandma, she and Sundai don't make it back to Wilhelmina in time and are disqualified from the competition. They also get a talking to from Sean Patterson of Wilhelmina, who banishes them from the room as the other girls get their critique.

    Erin is modelesque but timid, Kara is universally acknowledged to be scruffy and greasy-haired, and Nicole has a beautiful face but lacks energy. But who needs energy when you're going to be surrounded by other girls who haven't eaten in three weeks? Nicole wins! She gets a piece from each go-see designer, and a role in a TV commercial. Laura seems relatively nice about this but the other girls -- particularly Kara -- continue to hate, with unusually strong venom.

    The photo shoot for the week has the girls posing with martial arts weapons while up in the air. They are harnessed to a wire and are outfitted as quasi-Japanese warrior princesses, and three of their photos are composited into the final photo to make one fluid action sequence. Nicole is up first, and seems quite comfortable wielding a sword. She does great, and totally makes up for her misfire of a performance last week. Erin, Jennifer and Laura all do quite well, too. Brittany is particularly uncoordinated on the wire, but her film turns out great. Karma has a beef with mean girl Kara, and she stinks it up. Rae falls flat, and Jay calls Sundai "abysmal." What's also abysmal is that all of the girls have bumps and bruises in the uncomfortable places from the harness. At panel, Nicole gets the best photo of the week with Laura coming in a close second. Kara and Sundai are in the bottom two, with Kara being eliminated.

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