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"Truth or Truth": Fallon Challenges Colbert on "The Tonight Show"

The two talk-show hosts asked each other bold questions, choosing between "truth or truth" and trying to maintain their game face



    Jimmy Fallon challenges Stephen Colbert in a game of "Truth or Truth." (Published Monday, March 10, 2014)

    Stephen Colbert was back on "The Tonight Show" Friday for a second time to play Jimmy Fallon’s version of "Truth or Dare" game: "Truth or Truth."

    Fallon challenged "The Colbert Report" host saying, "Stephen, I consider you an honest man. But I want to know who's more honest." 

    "So you want to know who's honester?" said Colbert. 

    "That's right," Fallon responded.

    The two talk-show hosts asked each other bold questions, choosing between "truth or truth" and trying to maintain their game face.

    "What's your biggest regret in life?" Colbert asked.

    "Not learning the dance to [Beyonce's] "Single Ladies," Fallon replied.

     Fallon was up next: "Your underwear, men's or women's?" he asked.

    "No," Colbert replied prompting Fallon to lose his composure.

    In the last round, Colbert, whose Comedy Central show airs at the same time as "The Tonight Show," had a perfect question for his late night competitor.

    “Aside from 'The Tonight Show’ what’s your favorite show that airs weeknights at 11:30?” he asked.

    And with slight hesitation, Fallon answered, "reruns of 'Rizzoli and Isles',” a TNT television series.

    Colbert first appeared on "The Tonight Show" during Fallon's debut episode. The comedian was among a group of celebrities who "lost a $100 bet" to Fallon who allegedly thought he would never make it to "The Tonight Show.”

    Instead of handing Fallon a $100 bill he lost in the bet, Colbert showed up with a bucket of change and dumped it on Fallon's desk and on his head.

    When the two reminisced about that moment on last night’s show, Fallon remembered that he found a penny in his ear.

    Colbert responded, “At that moment, I thought, ‘I won.’”