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Broadway's "Aladdin" Pays Tribute to Robin Williams



    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014)

    The man who gave voice to "Aladdin's" Genie to create one of Disney's most beloved characters was paid a touching tribute Tuesday night in a rousing audience singalong of "Friend Like Me" at the Broadway musical. 

    As the show ended, the cast of "Aladdin" invited the audience to sing one more song in honor of Robin Williams. 

    "Yesterday, we lost one of the greatest -- not comedians, but one of the greatest entertainers of all time," said James Monroe Iglehart, the actor who plays Genie in the stage musical. 

    "First and foremost, we want to give our hearts and our thoughts and prayers to his family because he's a husband and a father first, and entertainer second," he said. 

    "But for tonight, I would want us to sing just a little bit of 'Friend Like Me' before you go," he said, pointing to a lyric sheet inside the programs.

    Iglehart and the rest of the cast clapped and snapped their fingers as they led the theater in a singalong of Genie's signature song. 

    The audience broke into applause and stood and cheered as the song ended: "You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend / You ain't never had a friend like me." 

    The iconic actor and comedian committed suicide Monday inside his California home, authorities said.