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Folk Fest Goes Desert



    He's My Brother She's My Sister
    He's My Brother She's My Sister will play The New LA Folk Fest Desert Weekend. The weekend's on for Feb. 26-27, 2011, in Pioneertown.

    FACT: Listening to strummy, folky tunes in a vista-filled, way-out setting is probably -- and we're going out on a limb there with that "probably" -- the way that folk music should be enjoyed, ideally. We realize that isn't always possible. The New Los Angeles Folk Festival has been doing a fine job of bringing that wide-open spirit to the city, in fact, but now that the Fest is headed for the desert, we're extra doubly glad.

    FEB. 26-27: It's a folky-fab weekend full of top-notch performances from acts like He's My Brother She's My Sister and the always amazing Mia Doi Todd. The setting is the Joshua Tree-close Pioneertown, and we think that, paired with the sounds going down, will make for a fine musicale extravaganza.